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Wonderbra presents strapless ‘finger-design’ underwear

Category: Sexy lingerie June 26th, 2009
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Summer is hot and lots of women want to show off their beautiful shoulders wearing strapless dresses but not all of them can really do that safely. I mean those with fuller bust can hardly dare to wear a strapless dress as keeping their assets in place is pretty difficult, especially if a woman is active and likes dancing and moving much.

No we’ve got the solution and it came from Wonderbra company. The revolutionary Ultimate Strapless bra was launched yesterday. It promises to stay up as long as you do.


The bra has been designed to provide the ideal lift and support similar to the one achieved when women hold up their own bust with the help of their hands. The new bra structure is formed with four ‘fingers’ placed into each cup instead of conventional underwire.


The innovative bra is available in cup sizes 32A – 36F and doesn’t cost too much – £32 or $52 and available at Debenhams

The invention was presented at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London. A group of models walked around wearing leggings adorned with sequins and new fabulous bras demonstrating the uplifting benefits they had in comparison to ordinary bras.

It is reported that Wonderbra spent two years researching and developing the technology with Cambridge-based innovators. Besides, it took hundreds of hours to test the in-placed ‘hands’, which are invisible from the outside.

We conducted a comprehensive series of tests with real girls, which included dancing, bending, stretching and jumping, all designed to put the bra through its paces,’ said Julia Nolan of Wonderbra.

This unique technology lifts the weight of the bust, supports and gives a trusted Wonderbra cleavage. We have created a groundbreaking garment giving women the perfect solution to the age old strapless bra problem,’ Julia added.

I hope the innovation will put an end to ongoing rearrangements of clothing women have to make due to the fact strapless underwear doesn’t stay in place as it is required. If the bra proves to be so effective I cannot even imagine what a significant growth in sales the company can expect.

Now tell me: would you buy such a bra?

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