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Victoria’s Secret Vintage 1979 Catalogue

Category: Sexy lingerie April 25th, 2012
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I couldn’t believe my eyes whan I found this Victoria’s Secret catalogue photos of 1979! The photoshoot seems to take place right beside the indoor potplants and floral chaise lounge. Fluffy ringlets in women’s hair reminded me the epoch when our grannies spent less time at the beach and more time doing traditional feminine activities like making tapestries and pretending to read from leather-bound books… Don’t you think that these 33 yo ‘vintage’ pics carry more than just images of three women in lingerie? To me, they symbolize revolution in acceptance of woman’s underwear.

Victoria’s Secret 1979 catalogue is a documentary that shows how lingerie industrie has changed.

This 1979 catalogue is a kind of documentary. Fluffy slippers, lace negligees, and piled-up hairdos – it showcases not only how fashion has changed but how marketing has changed. Actually many of the pieces here would still sell well today. But the overall aesthetic lends itself to a different kind of glamour.

The unnatural poses, the settings and the general mood are vastly different to what we see today. And you know, I like it! Back then Victoria’s Secret were selling lingerie. But nowadays they’re selling perfection, a lifestyle, dreams.

Check out Victoria’s Secret 1979 catalogue!


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