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Venca SS 2012: All About Feminine Feel

Category: Sexy lingerie March 20th, 2012
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venca lingerie ss 2012
Never before women had to consider what they wear on the inside. But in modern times erotic underwear has become an integral and essential part of female clothing.

venca lingerie ss 2012

There was a time when lingerie was available only for few, but now we can now say that the prices are affordable to all kinds of budgets.

venca lingerie ss 2012

For this spring-summer the Spanish Company Venca presents a trend in lingerie with unique designs. The new trend is full of magical editions that even outshine in elegance and materials some of the best brands.

venca lingerie ss 2012

Despite of its incredible feminine feel, this collection is priced quite affordably. The great selection of underwear and intimate apparel is designed for the less full pockets. You’ll see hot catwalk designs that have been turned into comfortable and great quality sets for you to wear.

venca lingerie ss 2012

On the menu we have bodysuits, core sets for daily use and, of course, nightgowns, pajamas and shorts sets for warmer days.

venca lingeria ss 2012

The items show a very elegant design which makes them suitable for sexy nights like those in which we seek the comfort above everything.


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