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Vanity Fair vintage inspired Private Collection

Category: Sexy lingerie June 17th, 2009
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Vintage is extremely popular these days. Everything from outerwear to lingerie gets a vintage touch. Vanity Fair reviews 90 years of style in their Private Collection inspired by vintage underwear trends.

vanity fair private collection vintage bras

Vintage features are added into modern woman’s undies adding sophistication, passion and elegance to the look.

vanity fair private collection vintage

Utilizing the latest technology, finest fabrics, special attention to detail and superior workmanship, Vanity Fair offers intimate apparel that makes you feel beautifully and sexy every day.

vanity fair private collection vintage slip

Private Collection features full-coverage underwire bras, vintage inspired lace and satin panties in briefs, hipsters and hi-cuts. Lace detailing adds vintage charm to almost every item of the collection making it look both sexy and chic.

The collection also features slips and camisoles, all in hot colors, perfectly tailored and, of course, vintage gorgeous.

Vanity fair Private Collection is a vivid example of combining inherited and carefully treasured lingerie traditions with modern technologies.

vanity fair private collection vintage inspired camisole

Private Collection is available at selected Macy’s for a limited time only.



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