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Undercover – The Evolution Of Underwear

Category: Sexy lingerie June 10th, 2009
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Lingerie is a huge part of our culture and actually, a part of our cultural heritage. As anything else, it evolves, changes, exploiting more and more new innovations and, eventually, making out life sexier and more comfortable.


To celebrate lingerie in retrospect the Fashion and Textile Museum in London presents Undercover – The Evolution Of Underwear, the new exhibition to chronicle lingerie era of the 20th century.

1920s lingerie

Bra is given special attention at the exhibition.

Despite their initial purely functional role, bras have always incorporated a decorative element although bras as we know them now didn’t make their mark until the 1950s when Christian Dior’s New Look took off and Lana Turner’s popularity helped to promote the perkier bust,” Dennis Nothdruft, the museum’s curator said, The reported.

1930s lingerie

From bras of 1920s and 1930s that aimed at flattening bust to more provocative and curve flattering bras of 1950s and pushup and wonderbras of the present, the exhibition charts evolution of a modern woman’s wardrobe must have, of ways to wear it, market and advertise it.

1940s bra

The Undercover exhibition also explores a number of themes such as boudoir to everyday glamour and “Stars and their bras” – looking at celebrity branding.

1950 bra

If you live in London or going to hit the city some time soon, don’t miss the exhibition and leave your thoughts in comments!

modern push-up bra



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