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Types of bra

Category: Sexy lingerie August 13th, 2010
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Types of bra

The bra is an essential part of a woman’s wardrobe. It has to be the right size in order to fit and support properly. There are many types of bras and they continue evolving from day to day. Now there is a type of bra for every types of clothes, any occasion, size and shape. There are types of bra for differentent purposes – ehancement, pushup and minimizing.

Adhesive bra

Types of bra

A strapless bra that adheres to the breasts. It has no bands and is almost invisible under the clothes. There are two kinds of adhesive bra disposable paper and reusable silicone ones.

Bandeau Bra

Types of bra

Strapless wide band of cloth that provides little support to the breasts.

Balconette bra

Types of bra

The balconette bra is the same as the half cup bra with only difference in that it is just over the coverage and the bust line is not straight but with a shapely curve. Balconette bra greatly lifts the breasts.

Built-in Bra

Types of bra

Some swimsuits or tank tops have supportive cups or underwire sewed inside the garment for support.  These are removable in some garments.

Convertible bra

Types of bra

A convertible bra has straps that can be removed or rearranged in different ways. The straps in the convertible bra can be styled for the garment as they may be embroidered with beads.

Cupless bra

Types of bra

Cupless bra is a bra that has no cups, provides a little support and may visually enhance small breasts. It is usually worn for a special occasion.

Demi bra

Types of bra

Demi bra is a half-cup bra, horizontal bust line and wide-set straps. Demi bra creates a good cleavage and may be worn with low-cut clothes.

Front closure bra

Types of bra

The front closure bra is clasped in front while fits smoothly at the back.

Full support bra

Types of bra

Full support bras are good for casual wear and as the name suggests it provides support for the whole breast.

Maternity Bra

Types of bra

The maternity bra is designed to adjust to the increasing breasts while the woman is pregnant.

Minimizer bra

Types of bra

The minimize bra is designed to deemphasize breasts in those women who have large breasts. Minimizer bra shapes the breasts so that they seem one or two sizes smaller.

Nursing bra

Types of bra

As the name implies the nursing bra is designed for breastfeeding women. The cups of the nursing bra are soft and can be unclasped and pulled down if needed.

Padded bra

Types of bra

The padded bra has padding inside the lining in order to enhance breasts. Padded bra provides good support to the breasts.

Peephole Bra

Types of bra

Peephole bra has cups which cover the breasts with the holes in the cups around the nipples.

Pushup bra

Types of bra

The pushup bra lifts and pulls the breasts together creating a good cleavage and visually enhancing the breasts. Many pushup bras have padding filled with foam, rubber or gel.

Racerback Bra

Types of bra

Racerback Bra has V-pattern straps and is designed to be worn under dresses and tops. It prevents the straps slippage and many sport bras use the raserback bra design.

Shelf bra

Types of bra

Shelf bra is erotic lingerie that consists of a band with an underwire and covers none or only lower part of the breasts exposing the nipples.

Softcup bra

Types of bra

The softcup bra has no underwire but rather a strong underband for support.

Sport bra

Types of bra

Sport bra provides a great support during physical activity.

Strapless bra

Types of bra

Strapless bra has no straps and is designed to be worn with sleeveless clothes that reveal the shoulders.

T-shirt bra

Types of bra

T-shirt has no raised seams, padding to smooth the nipples area and fits firmly under the T-shirt.

Trainer Bra

Types of bra

Trainer Bra is designed for young girls who only started developing breasts. Trainer bras do not provide much support and are very simple and soft with no underwire or cups.

U-plunge Bra

Types of bra

U-plunge Bra allows wearing clothes with very deep décolleté without exposing the bra.

Underwire bra

Types of bra

Underwire bra has plastic or metallic underwire under each cup to provide good support to the breasts.

Vintage bra

Types of bra

A Vintage bra invented in the late 1940s is marked with its paraboloid cups.

Water bra

The bra that has cups filled with water, silicon to enhance the breasts.


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