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Triumph lingerie’s special gift for golfing women

Category: Sexy lingerie November 26th, 2009
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Japanese women are extremely busy to have enough time for one of their favorite hobbies, golf.

Triumph Lingerie has unveiled their new bra extravagance, the Nice Cup in Bra, which is a bra corset that can be turned into a putting mat with cups designed the way to make it easy to sink a putt in them. When the user sinks a putt, a built-in speaker pumps out a congratulatory “Nice shot!”

The bra is equipped with pockets for extra golf balls and tees, and a detachable flag pin that serves as a score pencil.

The new Triumph bra is designed with Japanese ladies in mind and do hope the latter love the idea, though we don’t think the bra looks beautiful or in any possible way practical.

The bra was presented to mark the brand’s traditional biennial event to unveil a new novelty bra to highlight social trends, according to

Triumph’s previous creations are the postal bra with pockets for letters, a chopstick bra made from miso soup and rice bowls, with a special holder for chopsticks, and a husband hunter bra, which features a countdown clock that stops once an engagement ring is inserted into the mechanism.

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  1. emma anne Says:

    eye candy!

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