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The Triangle-shaped Bra: Comfortable And Sexy

Category: Sexy lingerie March 10th, 2012
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triangle-shaped bra

The triangle-shaped bra is characterized by a triangular shape in both cups and has no frame. This makes it a very comfortable piece of lingerie. If you are still not sure if you can afford to wear such type of bra, keep on reading and your doubts will be cleared.

Triangle bra: Who should wear it?

triangle-shaped bra

The first thing you need to know is that the triangle-shaped bras does not have a frame. Therefore, it a lightweight garment with a style that moves away from the traditional beach bra. The triangle bra is designed for small breasts. This type of bra is very comfortable but it only slightly keeps the breasts in place. So if you have a very large chest, it is not recommended as you may find uncomfortable. Besides that the triangular-shaped bra covers your breasts only partially. So, if you have big breasts and decide to wear it anyway, there is a risk that the sides of your breasts might be exposed, resulting in a rounded and not a very nice shape. Of course you can disregard our advice and can still put it on, especially if you want to show off your love handles.

What type of bra to choose?

triangle-shaped bra

Here you have a wide variety of choices, because there are triangle-shaped bras that can suit all tastes.


triangle-shaped bra

For a daily use there is nothing is more comfortable than the triagle-shaped cotton bra. It offers you incredible comfort. Black, white or with any other color, choosing this type of bra makes you feel like you are on a permanent vacation.


triangle-shaped bra

Perfect for a date with your boyfriend. The lace is usually placed under the breast. You can enjoy a comfortable and sexy night.


triangle-shaped bra

If you prefer a sexy lingerie combined with a “casual” touch then go for satin. The smoothness and the brightness of this fabric transform you into a queen.

With what do I put it on

First you have to keep in mind that the triangle-shaped bra does not produce the famous push-up effect. Also it does not bring the breasts together and this it gives the impression that they are larger. So if you decide to wear it with a plunging neckline, do so at your own risk. If you have small breasts and have no complexes about it, but on the contrary, if you just want to impress the man of your choice, without a second thought go for a Wonderbra!

triangle-shaped bra

Play with the different materials that make up your outfit. For example, reveal your lace bra a little bit or choose more bold colors, after all it is fun, isn’t it. Also, if you have a tank top with the same form as your bra, combining the colors, the fabrics and let it protrude a little bit. Also, do not forget that many models of triangle-shaped bras can be confused with bikinis. So do not hesitate and during your summer vacation let your back be seen bringing out your bra.

triangle-shaped bra


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