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Survey: sexy lingerie boosts confidence

Category: Sexy lingerie August 1st, 2009
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“Like rich chocolate treats, beautiful flowers or Champagne, the ultimate gift a woman can buy herself to boost confidence and reward, without blowing her recession-hit budget, is luxurious silk underwear. The type of women who buy silky underwear are smart enough to self-motivate when it comes to sensuality.

However, rather than be an obvious cliched man-pleaser, the colour and feel of underwear is of maximum appeal to the wearer. Selfishness like this is sexy and whatever boosts sexiness automatically boosts confidence and therefore performance,” Judi James, a body image expert from the UK, said.


A third of British women would agree with this statement completely.
Andrex conducted a survey to find out what made women confident. 37% of respondents said they wore gorgeous lingerie to boost confidence and lift spirits for the day ahead, reported.
So what lingerie items are the IT things to make a woman feel happy, confident and alluring:
– 38% of British women prefer a pair of silky French Knickers;
– 22% can’t do without a classic lacy thong;
– 15% love satin high leg brief.

What is your favorite lingerie item that makes you feel most alluring and gorgeous?



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2 Responses to “Survey: sexy lingerie boosts confidence”
  1. Allie Says:

    I completely agree!!!! especially if it’s black satin lingerie

  2. corsets4u Says:

    Every woman dreams of looking good, no matter what size and color etc..

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