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Skinny Women Prefer Less Attractive Lingerie

Category: Sexy lingerie April 3rd, 2012
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skinny women lingerie

You would think that women endowed with curves would have more complexes and would be less willing to display their delicious forms. However things seem to be exactly the opposite, according to scientists the more curvaceous part of women do not seem shy at all when it comes to showing their curves. while skinnier women seem more bashful displaying their bodies.

skinny women lingerie

A group of British researchers conducted a study which found that women who wear a size 38 or less prefer simple underwear. However, women whose size is 46 or more prefer wearing sexy lingerie models made of silk and lace.

skinny women lingerie

The survey also shows that those ladies who found themselves somewhere in the middle represent the group that chooses something more elegant or buy something new for a special occasion.

skinny women lingerie

In the opinion of the study indicates that more curvy women have no complexes in terms of appearance and feel no shame in highlighting their forms. The other possible explanation could be the opposite: that women with curves put on pretty lingerie in order to feel more attractive.


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