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Single Girls Care More About Sexy Underwear

Category: Sexy lingerie February 21st, 2012
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single girl sexy underwear

A survey done by the British Supermarket Chain Sainsbury’s shows that women who do not have a partner in life, wear more sexy lingerie than those who are not single. Interesting enough it seems that the conductors of the survey were not aware that motivation is a powerful engine when it comes to wearing sexy outfits… Many women, after they find a partner they, tend to relax a little bit (nourish a bubble butt or a plump belly) and not watch so much about their appearance. Well,… I know that many girls will object, but if you do not fit into that category it would mean that you have a very good and independent aesthetic sense.

single girl sexy underwear

The study shows that an astonishing 43% of women bring an extra pair of sexy underwear in their handbag. So a secret pair of lingerie hidden away is essential just in case the night goes better than planned. Of course here it really matters what the boyfriend would like. Communication is the key, because even cute little boy-shorts could have their own sex appeal.

single girl sexy underwear

If you think about it, it is not easy to wear sexy lingerie every day, unless you really want to go into the erotic business. Therefore many women put on sexy knickers only on special occasions. The survey showed that slim, size 8 women are most likely to wear tender cotton pants while size 16s prefer more sexy sets with lace and transparencies. Meanwhile women who are size 14 are the most likely to wear a suspender belt or sometimes not even bother with underwear at all.

single girl sexy underwear

This study also highlights that women are not shy about their bodies but rather the opposite, they embrace their curves and feel confident about their figures. You might expect that classic model-sized ladies would be more confident and adventurous. However it seems that the curvier ladies are more likely to choose sexier outfits.


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