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Sexy Irina Sheik for Lascana lingerie

Category: Sexy lingerie July 1st, 2010
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Irina Sheik in sexy Lascana lingerie

Russian supermodel Irina Sheik poses for Lascana lingerie and swimwear donning a series of sexy outfits from the new collection.

The new Lascana lingerie collection presents sexy bra and panties sets in luscious colors, of natural fabrics and ultra feminine designs. From lace to satin, from cotton to embroidery, the new range looks tremendous, racy yet exquisite.

The new Lascana line has a number of lingerie sets, as well as sexy lingerie ensembles and beautiful nightwear pieces.

Irina looks fantastic in this lingerie. This photoshoot is not the first time Irina models Lascana for commercial purposes. The new Lascana line seems to us a bit more sensual than the previous range. We believe Irina manages to catch the vibe of the campaign.

See it for yourself.

Irina Sheik models for Lascana lingerie

Irina Sheik models for new Lascana lingerie range

Irina Sheik models the new Lascana lingerie collection

Irina Sheik models for Lascana

Irina Sheik is sexy in Lascana lingerie

Irina Sheik in Lascana nightwear

Irina Sheik is beautiful in Lascana lingerie

Irina Sheik is a Lascana lingerie model

Irina Sheik is Lascana sexy

Irina Sheik models for Lascana

Irina Sheik fok poses in sexy Lascana lingerie


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