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Vivienne Mok’s Sensual Photoshoot For LoveSexDance Magazine

Category: Sexy lingerie December 5th, 2011
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This photoshoot for LoveSexDance Magazine has fascinated me at the very moment I saw it. Gorgeous Vivienne Mok in a delicate satin lingerie set poses on the bed covered with airy material. The floral-patterned wallpaper and beautiful tulle work perfectly as the background for the photography.

The photoshoot itself has nothing special about it, but it also runs through with eroticism and sensuality that is hard to tear one’s eyes from. Blossoming roses just add glamour which the picture lacks a bit.


The lingerie ensemble Vivienne Mok is writhing on the bed consists of a simple bra-thong combo with addition of sexy garter belt, black stockings and pearl beads. Another set includes a nude bodysuit, lacy stockings and oversized garter belt. And the last but not the least attractive lingerie combination the model showcases comprises a flesh-colored lace set and knee-length socks.


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