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Sensual Lingerie From Luna, Spring/Summer 2012

Category: Sexy lingerie March 31st, 2012
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luna ss 2012

The Luna Spring/Summer 2012 collection literally blossom in live spring colors. The models offered from the Greek Brand are categorized six lines of lingerie, which are: Crochet, Splendid, Ladylike, Festive, Satinet and Urban. The burning-hot Mediterranean passion blends with the elegant and delicate hues of the season, creating uniquely gorgeous briefs, stylish underwired bras, romantic baby dolls and sensual camisoles.

luna ss 2012

The collection is characterized by unique and sophisticated details like macrame lace, ribbons, cotton, muslin, tulle and decorations including bustiers, thongs, bras and underwear.
The models are a complete expression of femininity combined with an exquisite retro style. The choice of materials was done after a rigorous and careful process, for that resin most of the pieces are made of fresh 100% cotton muslin.

luna ss 2012

In addition, the underwear can be worn during the day. For example in the Crochet line a dress, a top, a t-shirt, shorts and pants that can be combined with each other in any desired way. However the true purpose of Luna is to the seductive feel inside you bedroom.

luna ss 2012


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