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Nichole de Carle Architectural Lingerie

Category: Bridal lingerie, Sexy lingerie November 11th, 2010
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Nichole de Carle Architectural Lingerie

Nichole de Carle is an amazing British designer who’s fond o lingerie and architectural structure. Combining these two she creates lingerie you can take your eyes of. It’s a true high-fashion lingerie that manifests the masterful touch of Nichole de Carle.

Nichole de Carle Architectural Lingerie is very versatile. There are lingerie sets and bodysuits, corsetry and cutout creations that are both sexy and complexly constructed high-fashion masterpieces.

Nichole de Carle also has the treats for brides who are tired of old classics and would like to surprise as well as spice up their wedding night. Onyx collection tributes femininity and pays attention to details inspired by Romanesque architecture and The Knights Templar. Opal collection brings in ancient Gothic detail featuring delicate intricate lace and angular lines.

Enjoy Nichole de Carle Architectural Lingerie. Learn more at

Nichole de Carle latest collection:


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