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M&S Natalie Suliman’s cleavage boosts sales

Category: Celebrity in lingerie, Sexy lingerie July 31st, 2009
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We Boobed! lingerie campaign of Marc & Spencer launched a couple of months ago in the UK became success due to the cleavage most of women would die for. 32E bust in green satin bra on huge ad billboards is literally traffic stopping.

natalie suliman m&s new lingerie collection

M&S should be definitely grateful to their pin sized lingerie model, Natalie Suliman, who graced the campaign.

“The ad has caused quite a stir,” M&S spokesperson said adding the chain has seen a real uplift in bra sales. “Natalie has proved to be more popular than we could have ever imagined.

Every time she appears in a campaign she sends the sales through the roof. And these ads are bound to do the same. She looks amazing and has the kind of body that women would kill for.”

natalie suliman m&s new lingerie collection

Natalie Suliman is 23 and doing her very first steps in modeling career after being discovered two years ago in London.

She was chosen by M&S to promote their new range of quality silk underwear, We Boobed!

natalie suliman m&s new lingerie collection

Worth noting, the photo of Natalie’s cleavage in the green bra has never been retouched to look that seductive. It is entirely natural, with no artificial uplift and no make up at all.

“A lot of people have asked if my boobs have been given a secret lift for the pictures, but I can assure you that they have not. What you see is all real,” Ms. Suliman said adding she should thank her Sudanese heritage for the beautiful skin tone. “When I did the shoot for M&S, the photographer didn’t even want me to apply any fake tan or moisturizer as he loved my skin tone.”

Worth noting the campaign has boosted lingerie sales so much that M&S sells two bras every second.

natalie suliman m&s new lingerie collection
As to Natalie and her future, she says she hopes to go to the US and become one of Victoria’s Secrets angels some time very soon:

“I’m hoping to go to America and model for the Victoria’s Secrets catalogue,” she said. “But hopefully this time they will show my face!”

natalie suliman m&s new lingerie collection

Currently, Natalie Suliman is represented by Quintessentially Models, the agency that also represents Iman and fellow M&S lingerie model Noemie Lenoir.


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