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Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Category: Sexy lingerie November 8th, 2011
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Make Your Breast Look Bigger

It is an issue for women with small breast to find a sexy bra that would fit her perfectly. Usually these women don’t feel self-confident in any kinds of bras because of diminutiveness of their bust size. Once women will stop having inferiority about the size, they will find many ways to underline the natural beauty of breast and optically increase it.

The most important thing about bras is knowing the exact size and finding the bra that fits the breast perfectly. In case you want your breast look bigger, put on push-up or padded bra. It could lift it up and create a catching cleavage. For these cases inserts (air or gel) also exist, which you could buy at most retail stores. By adding the inserts you increase your breast by 1 cup size.

Make Your Breast Look Bigger

Triangle cups and demi cups will look perfect on your small bust. You should avoid anything that covers your entire chest as it makes women look flatter. Use the principle: the less fabrics the better. Also women usually cross their bra straps on the backs, which allow them to lift breasts up and create cleavage.

In your everyday clothes you should choose tops or shirts with interesting patterns, ruffles layers or pockets on the chest. This simple principle will also help you visually increase you bust.

Not the least important thing- stand up straight. With a nice straight carriage your chest and your entire silhouette with no doubts will attract attention of the representatives of the opposite sex.



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