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Luxurious Lingerie From Andres Sarda For Fall/Winter 2011

Category: Sexy lingerie August 29th, 2011
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Luxurious Lingerie From Andres Sarda For Fall/Winter 2011

Andres Sarda always creates most luxurious lingerie and Fall/Winter 2011 is no exception. Also the 60’s-inspired styling of the Andres Sarda Fall/Winter 2011 campaign looks trendy. A model with bouffant hair demonstrates luxurious lacy lingerie pieces in black, nude and bright purple.

The styles in Andres Sarda For Fall/Winter 2011 collection are sexy and elegant. Unlined lacy and mesh bras are sexy while demi styles give a great shape to a bus. There is lace, leopard print, and wispy floral lace. The collection also includes sheer lacy skirt, mesh suspender and a nude basque with suspenders, lace cups, and mesh side panels that make this undergarment especially sexy.

The collection also includes a luxurious black lace bodysuit with V-shaped neck and prolonged slit between the cups. The bright purple lingerie set with a subtle leopard print is richly trimmed and embellished with lace in bra and briefs. Beautiful satin leopard print lingerie set trimmed with lace looks amazing with the lime straps.

Delicate lace is the element that adds sensuality to the garment. It also requires a delicate care so it should be hand washed in tepid water with mild soap or detergent. Avoid rubbing or twisting lacy underwear as it may tear easily. Gently squeeze underwear to remove excess water after washing and place on clean towel to let it dry.

To properly wash satin use hand wash or delicate cycle on your washing machine. Wash satin lingerie in cool water with a mild detergent and rinse thoroughly from detergent. Again do not twist your satin undergarments to prevent them from losing their shape. Do not place satin garments into dryer but rather reshape them into their original form on a clean towel to dry.


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