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Category: Lingerie tips, Sexy lingerie June 6th, 2009
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Lingerie is something women are obsessed with. We can visit dozens stores to find one really special set and never regret spending so much time for all that fuss around the city because the result is worth it!
We need lingerie both physically and emotionally.


Physical reasons of wearing lingerie are quite clear but what about emotional side? There is not much new I can tell you concerning it here as well, for lingerie is something that makes a woman FEEL like a woman.

Sexy, beautiful, smooth, soft… – all these epithets are about lingerie. We love it, we adore it and we can’t imagine our life without it!

But what actually do we know about lingerie? Though it often seems we are aware of everything this is far from being the truth.

The first thing we are going to speak about is the lingerie typology. There are many types of lingerie one should know.

These include:

• Babydoll

• Bodystocking

• Bra

• Bustier

• Camisole

• Chemise

• Corselette

• Corset

• Garter

• Hosiery

• Negligee

• Panties

• Peignoir

• Pettipant

• Teddies

Read and enjoy!


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