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Lilipiache Spring/Summer 2012

Category: Sexy lingerie June 4th, 2012
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Lilipiache brand was founded by three partners: Yoshiko Hayase, Yuko Storck, and Ayako Hayase. The three designers met at the same fashion school in Japan and all three fell in love with the life and culture of New York City during their time as students visiting the Big Apple. Yoshiko said:

Lilipiache is a flower that was imagined and named by the three of us. When we think of Lilipiache, we imagine a radiant looking, gracious, sweet-smelling flower.”

Their journey from students to NYC lingerie entrepreneurs started once they finished school. Yoshiko explained:

After working in different Japanese fashion companies and with experience as a Lingerie/Swimwear Designer, a dress maker, a fitter, and a pattern maker, we decided to move to NYC and launch our own original lingerie line.”

The result is Lilipiache which the trio describes as unique, feminine with luxurious styles inspired by beautiful materials and the beauty of nature and art with a fusion of modern style. The collection is made here in New York utilizing high-quality materials including Leavers Lace picked both for their functionality and aesthetic values.

Yoshiko noted:

We love beautiful laces, like French leavers lace and natural fabrics like organic cotton, silk, silk satin, and linen. We love them because it makes women feel comfortable and sexy.”

I have a great selection of images from their current SS12 collection that I wanted to share with you, dear ladies!

Meet Lilipiache SS12 – amazing lingerie collection!

Luscious Black under wire Bra and Bikini Panty

These pieces are made of beautiful French lace and comfy elasticity mesh fabric. The Cup lace is covered by soft fabric that is movable up and down so you can adjust it and enjoy the style, and the beautiful lace decorates your body wonderfully! The elasticity mash fabric makes for a very comfortable fit. This unique and beautiful lace is imported from French. We are always inspired the beauty of Lace!

Dot mesh underwire Bra, Bralette and panties

These are made by comfy mesh elasticity fabric and French leaver Lace. Beautiful stitching on the silk satin trimming along with the color combination and use of different materials makes this a very special bra. The fashionable strap is enjoyable showing. The detailed Bra is also practical too because of smooth design will match with any outfit! Beautiful stitching on the both sides of the silk satin trimming along with the scalloped lace makes for a very sexy panty. The color combination and use of different materials makes this a very special Panty!

Floral Silk Bralette

These pieces are made by flower printed silk satin and French leavers lace. This is a very detailed Bralette! The stitches on the curve trimming make a beautiful form. The elasticity of this bralette’s lace makes for a very comfortable fit. The floral pink fabrics and beautiful blue lace is a beautiful color combination! A lovely style that makes you feel special ! It could be a great match for outerwear. You can enjoy this bralette to the style of your choice!

Organic Cotton underwire Bra and Bikini Panty

These pieces are made by comfy Organic cotton and French leavers lace.
Comfy and sexy is the theme of this style. Black lace and white combination is modern and sexy ! We chose very smooth and soft organic cotton from many others. Organic Cotton means cotton that is grown on land which has been free of pesticides and herbicides for at least three years. It is cotton that is grown to have the lowest impact the Earth.


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