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Light Years Lingerie Collection (Fall 2012)

Category: Sexy lingerie August 18th, 2012
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Light Years lingerie brand is quite new and it is Ok if you haven’t heard about it before. However, we are sure that from now on you will wait for their new collections with anticipation. Why are we so sure? Well, it’s not easy to guess if you have seen at least one set produced by this label.

Light Years Lingerie Collection

Light Years lingerie is neither overtly feminine and lacy nor it is plain and ultra-basic. It is somewhere in between – comfy, stylish and luxurious. All the pieces in the brand’s Fall 2012 collection are soft and delicate. Besides, they are quite versatile and can serve as perfect underwear and lovely outerwear.

Light Years Lingerie Collection

Speaking about the colors we have to mention that Light Years range includes lingerie in both bright (like neon lemon) and neutral tones (like black, white and nude). And those are oftem mixed to make ensembles stand out.

Designs in Light Years lingerie collection are simple but with cutouts those turn into really sexy and tempting ones.

Light Years Lingerie Collection

One more thing to mention: Light Years lingerie is basically for women with small and average-size breasts. Women with bigger busts should look for other brands which make underwear that provides more support.

Light Years Lingerie Collection:



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