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Fred & Ginger $40K Lingerie Set for Coco de Mer

Category: Sexy lingerie November 5th, 2012
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UK luxury label Fred & Ginger teamed up with fine jewelry house Diablom’s to create a diamond lingerie set priced at $40,000. According to F&G designer Victoria Holt, the diamond bra-and-knickers set was inspired by Cinderella and her horse-drawn carriage. The bra has a central diamond (0.5ct) on a pendulum, surrounded by an 18ct yellow-gold framework adorned with 69 smaller diamonds. The knickers also feature four diamonds on each side.

Take a look at Fred & Ginger’s diamond lingerie set priced at $40K

They will make every order made-to-measure; the silk lingerie is available in gold, black navy, or ivory. If you are in London, you can take a look at this amazing set in Coco De Mer in Covent Garden.


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