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Fräulein Kink made for pleasure

Category: Sexy lingerie February 28th, 2013
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Fraulein Kink’s made for pleasure..

Looking Forward To Autumn/Winter 2013?

Fraulein Kink made for pleasure 2013

Fräulein Kink which is made for pleasure Wild West influence with pieces such as crystal-tipped lassos and gold spike spurs are actual this season, other standout pieces include the fringe, feather and spike eye-mask.  As usual, Fraulein Kink’s designs are considered to be a perfect lingerie accompaniment. As I would say to my body let’s play a bit dirty and the same time trendy tonight and give my femininity the way out. I found that Fräulein Kink’s design fits going outs for parties and on stage dancing, not only for bed. If you are ambitious, you are hot and you have a provocative personality with endless love for having some spice in your lifestyle Fräulein Kink is one of the designers to fall in love with. And we’re starting our review on the products now.

A bit about the designer and her items: The Fräulein Kink designer creates luxury accessories that are a perfect blend of seduction and fashion. The brand strives to keep things playful and feminine. The current collections are versatile, strong enough for real play and can be worn inside or out of the bedroom. Fräulein Kink signature designs are unique and fashion forward, – according to the official website of the designer.

Made with love: each Fräulein Kink item is handcrafted to order in Berlin, only high quality materials are used. Customer service and client satisfaction are highly important as the designer highlighted. Fräulein Kink currently stocked in over 45 boutiques and online shops worldwide, including Selfridge’s London as of today.

For sure Fräulein Kink is made for your pleasure! The names of the products are the beginning of pleasure that drives crazy already…

El Dorado
Spiked and Studded Layered Feather & Fringe Mask.

Bondage Belt is the perfect addition to your boudoir.

Crystal Tipped Bondage Lasso
Black and Gold Crystal Tipped Bondage Lasso.

Stylish and Kinky Gloves.

Sante Fe Gold
Ultra Chic & Flirty! Black & Gold Fringe Blindfold and Handcuffs.

Renegade Restrains
Spiked Spur Ankle restraints with Detachable chains and Studded Velvet Cuffs.


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