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Fortnight Asteria 2013 Collection

Category: Sexy lingerie December 17th, 2012
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For its fourth full collection, Canada’s Fortnight Lingerie looked to both heaven and earth for direction. Designer Christine Remenyi found inspiration in astronomy, Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and modern graphic design. The result is Asteria, a 2013 collection of expertly crafted pieces that takes its name from asterism, an obscure term referring to distant star clusters.

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That kind of esoteric thinking might be hard to see in this bright collection of tailored undergarments, but Remenyi was also inspired by another, more earthly, muse: the American sculptor Richard Serra. And while it might be hard to imagine the master of gargantuan clusters of twisted metal as the inspiration for a lingerie line, one look at Asteria and it totally makes sense.

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Serra’s installations often weighed many tons, with pieces snaking around each other in gorgeous symmetry. If you consider the images below, all that metalwork had a noticably organic sensibility, and a very feminine one as well. Serra’s work both contains and mirrors the shapes of the natural world … which is exactly what Remenyi sets out to achieve in her intimate fashion sculptures.

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As with past Fortnight collections, Asteria is comprised of figure-hugging pieces that accentuate feminine curves and which mimic shapewear but without the feeling of constraint. The brand remains a fit-centric and fabric-conscious brand, and Asteria offers plenty of examples: like the Lyra slip, with its shiny lustre front and broad-weave jacquard back; or the Mira range which uses stretch lace to similar effect.

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The collection is substantially larger than anything Fortnight has delivered before: more than 30 pieces in five style ranges, and in a bright selection of spring hues like cyan, magenta, vermilion and pale pink along with the traditional black and ivory.

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The patterned jacquard pieces in the Lyra line look like this collection’s standouts — that’s the bandeau and high-waist knickers combo above, in black. The bandeau pieces throughout the collection are new and there are expanded offerings in Fortnight’s very popular longline bras and sleek bodysuits. This proudly made-in-Canada brand is now available in most discriminating lingerie boutiques wherever you shop.

Fortnight Lingerie Asteria: Twenty Thirteen collection:

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