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First anti-wrinkle bra invented in Europe

Category: Sexy lingerie November 5th, 2009
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Though this bra does not really look like a bra and is a far cry from being called sexy, this bra is hailed as one of the most important pieces in your lingerie wardrobe. Forget about vertical cleavage wrinkles, her comes an anti-wrinkle bra!

The bra was introduced in Holland in 2008 by its creator Rachel de Boer.

The vertical wrinkles appear because the breasts are pressed against each other while sleeping. The older you get, the longer it takes before they disappear again. Sometimes they won’t disappear at all. If you put some kind of support between the breasts you prevent the cleavage from wrinkling,” she explains. “There are plenty of sexy bras out there and this is not a sexy bra, but it can help you get your sexy cleavage back,” she adds.

Boer also said she’d been looking for the right anti-wrinkle bra for a pretty while but couldn’t find the one that could actually suit her, so she decided to develop the product herself. Last year she created her web shop La Decollette to sell her invention in Holland.

She said she came up with La Decollette after a friend suggested sleeping with a cushion between her breasts.

It wasn’t practical but I did notice a difference”, Boer added. “La Decollette works in exactly the same way by keeping your breasts apart while you sleep and allowing your skin to recover from the wrinkles.”


After the bra became a success in Holland, Rachel decide to expand the brand to rest of Europe, and now women in Belgium, the UK, France, Spain and Germany can enjoy the invention. Hope the bra will soon be introduced in the US, too.

La Decollette anti-wrinkle bra is functionally based on the natural regenerating ability of the skin. Tested in a selected group of women, the results were astounding. After just 1 night you will be stunned by the amazing results, all without expensive creams or surgeries, the official website reads.

This is how the bra works:

“To any woman who is wearing a bra, this product will easily be able to handle. Like an ordinary bra you will find the conclusion of La Decollette on the back. Both the shoulder and backstraps are adjustable in length so that every woman can adapt La Decollette to her own size. Make sure that the product securely fits to the body or it will miss its effect.

La Decollette is a product which is used at night, under nightwear, directly worn on the skin.

Before using La Decollette, please make sure that you moisturize your cleavage with your regular nightcream. Because of this special bra, your breasts are more or less forced to stay in place so no vertical wrinkles will occur and your cleavage will stay smooth. After just 1 night you will see the difference and after 5 to 7 nights you will be amazed by the stunning result.”

The bra is made of Lycra and comes in white or black.

Can’t wait to hear what you think about this new cleavage-friendly bra!

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