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Bra styles – Backless Bra

Category: Sexy lingerie August 7th, 2009
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Backless bras are perfect when you need a backless and strapless look for evening, summer and party wear.
A backless bra has no back or straps, at least not in the normal way.

backless bra

It often comes self adhesive, lightweight and self supporting.

Some Backless bras may have a strap that is made in a diamante design to hide it better under clothing.

Besides, it can help to create the illusion of something more feminine underneath.

Backless bra commonly comes in neutral or flesh color, rarely black or other. It looks good under sheer or skin-tight garments.



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2 Responses to “Bra styles – Backless Bra”
  1. lace bustier Says:

    Strapless bra are often use in parties especially person wearing gown.It plays a great rule for ladies to look more presentable

  2. lace bustier Says:

    that was great, i always wanted to have one for me. this will be of great use when using some low back or backless clothes as well. i find it sexy and clean.

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