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Boudoir Fashion: Past & Present

Category: Sexy lingerie September 29th, 2011
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boudoire fashion

Times when women couldn’t show their lingerie without being considered vulgar have gone already. Now fashion is less conservative and we have plenty of opportunities to adopt boudoir style into our wardrobes.

It all started a couple of seasons ago when Christian Dior and Jean Paul Gaultier presented revealing corsets, camisoles and chemises in their prêt-a-porte collections. Other designers followed, and soon every girl daring enough to show her underwear in public was sporting a piece or two in the boudoir style. It looked fresh, sassy and sexy. Then suddenly the popularity of the trend faded and we put those amazing garments away, but not for long again. For the Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season we see the revival of the boudoir fashion.

The boudoir fashion now is more modest that two years ago but it has become more teasing at the same time. Emilio Pucci’s collection best illustrates the new vision of the boudoir style – airy printed dresses trimmed with lace, cropped sheer tops and bloomers, elegant but erotic summer suits. These all make the woman look more desired.


Be careful with boudoir fashion though. Use just one piece of clothing at a time and pair it with more demure items. Don’t overdo as you can still end up looking vulgar.

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