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Best Lingerie Collection For Bedroom Wear From Li Lilouche

Category: Sexy lingerie July 18th, 2012
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We haven’t written about Li Lilouche lingerie before and we hugely regret about that. Do you know why? Because their ensembles are simply gorgeous. They are delicate, feminine and luxurious. And fabrics are amazing.

Li Lilouche Lingerie

Created by designer Liya Amar, who has lived in India for a few months Li Lilouche lingerie collection is extra special and very bold. It is composed of sexy sheer pieces, some of which you will never show anyone except your man, but they are worth demonstrating. If you do, get ready for a passionate night and a lot of compliments.

Li Lilouche Lingerie

Here we resent not only the “Bedroom Hymns” collection described above, but also another one – “Goldie Glitters Bride”, inspired by disco and holiday glitter. Pieces which come in this range are also beautiful but they are totally different. Created to surprise and attract attention they come with sparkling details and in designs which could also be worn as outerwear.

Li Lilouche Lingerie:


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