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Ambra Lingerie Collection for Fall- Winter 2011/2012

Ambra brand treats its lingerie as an art pieces and it is proud of its Italian origins. New fall- winter collection by Ambra filled the gallery of luxurious masterpieces by the famous European brand. Elegant Ambra lingerie is hand-made produced in Italy.

Category: Sexy lingerie December 9th, 2011
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Ambra Lingerie Collection for Fall- Winter 2011/2012

The real masterpiece of the present collection- Ambra Fall- Winter 2011/2012– is probably the most luxurious and impressive out of all the lines ever produced by the company. It unites thin French lace Kale and exclusive applications from Italian embroidery performed on the tulle, which is produced by the company- winner of the leading Parisian fabrics exhibition Interfiliere. All of these details add refinement and elegance to the image. Original processing of tulle allowed to create an amazing effect of the light pleating that adds the look soft feminine accents.

One more pearl of Ambra- the playful line Burlesque, which is also decorated with original embroidery on the tulle complemented with elegant metallic details and lacing in trendy in this season S&M style. This lingerie is oriented on bright and courageous women- the real temptresses who are not ready to try out new original roles.

Soft line Silk Fuorri presents tempting silk sets decorated with intricate embroidery in the style of famous arabesques. Female flowery motives and graceful bows create the refined romantic image.

Uncommon stylish line Twid introduces the notes of retrained aristocratic style to the collection. After try on these elegant models you will feel yourself a true English lady.



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