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How to choose sexy costume

Category: Sexy costumes August 11th, 2010
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How to choose sexy costume

If you decided to try some role-playing games to improve your sexual life, you might think about some special sexy costumes according to your role. Before rushing into the store for a sexy costume or two talk to your partner about his likes and fantasies. Some men fantasize about school girls other about flight attendants, so to be sure you are going the right direction ask him to tell you about his fantasies. Choose an option that will work for both of you.

Be open to the new stuff. Do not be shy, as the bedroom is a place for two. Think about that your partner is a close person and you should feel comfortable with him being around. Do not reject every other idea that your partner offers, reconsider some options that always intrigued you but you were too shy to try.

When choosing a sexy costume always try it on before the purchase. It should fit you and flatter your figure.  Besides you are the one who will be wearing it so you should feel comfortable in it. If you feel beautiful in your sexy costume then it will be easier for you to play your role and more pleasant to experience your special night.

Your sexy costume should be easy to get on and off. Some costumes may take a while to get off such as corsets. However if you like to tease, then it may work for you.

High heels may flatter your legs and overall look. However you may wear just stockings or one stocking. Think about the accessories that may complete your outfit. For instance, if you chose a sexy nurse costume take a big syringe or if you are a teacher you may add glasses and a ruler to your costume.

Also don’t forget about your hair and makeup. For the innocent school girl costume make two ponytails and do a natural makeup that would be almost invisible. You may also go unconventional and dress up like a modernized Victorian lady laced up in a corset with heavy curls and short puffy skirt. Or you can dress up like a sexed up character from your favorite movie, tale or book. Fantasize, talk with your partner, experiment.



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