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How to choose a corset

Category: Sexy costumes August 12th, 2010
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How to choose a corset

Whether for a dress-up party or a special night, corset is still a token of beauty, femininity and fashion. If you decided to try this clothing wonder first do a little research and learn how to choose a corset. Once being an underwear part in woman’s wardrobe the corset today may be worn with a blouse and pants or skirt, or may be a part of a dress. And of course due to its lingerie nature the corset can help spice up your sexual life. It is important to know how to choose a corset since this is not a casual wear and has its own pecularities.

A corset can also be used for molding your waist line and thus training it. But whatever the reasons before buying a corset you should know some tips in order to make it right. Corsets have different shapes, styles and prices. A good corset is a costly investment, but if you decided to buy one do not chase after low-quality corsets.


Over bust corset covers the breasts, such corset may have built-in cups for additional support. Half bust is a corset that covers a little part of your breasts, so that they may be seen a little. An under bust corset does not cover breasts at all and may be worn with a sheer blouse or a pushup bra or simply without anything which is definitely appropriate for a bedroom.

If you have small breasts the corset can change it. When choosing an over bust or half bust corset look for those that provide additional support and create cleavage. The under bust corset widens your chest and visually enhances your breasts.

The important part of the corset is a hip line because it also gives shape to your body. Short hip corsets allow free movement and mid hip will evenly distribute the pressure of the corset. In the mid hip corset you still can move freely whereas the long hip constricts any movement but better flattens the tummy.

The Titanic Era corsets designed after the 19th century corsets support a good posture. The corset dress will be good for a dress-up party, Halloween and it is especially popular among different subcultures. This one may restrict your movement so you wouldn’t be able to sit or even walk.

So now we came to the color and design. If you are unsure that your corset will do for a regular use you may want to try one of your friends’ or simply buy a black or white short hip corset which will easily match with your pants and skirts. Later on if you developed a passion for corsets you may choose bolder colors and designs.

Size is of a special importance. The standard measurements we use for the rest of the clothing do not work with the corsets. The waist measurement determines the corset size. If you will buy a corset in a shop the staff can help you choose a right size. However if you decided to buy a corset online it is important that you know how to take your measurements in order to get the right size.

So when taking measurements measure your bust and hips at their widest and waist at its thinnest. Also do not forget about your height, while under bust corsets fit women of all heights, the over bust corset should be long (mid hip) if you are tall.

The corset is an amazing invention as it can function as lingerie and part of the dress. It shapes your body and flatters it, creates the curves and cleavage, reduces the waist. If chosen and worn properly corset can adorn any dress-up party or a special night.



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