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Fun Men’s Underwear

Category: Mens underwear, Sexy costumes January 3rd, 2011
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There is a notion that men’s underwear is dull and uninteresting. However, there are many brands that specialize in fun and cheeky designs for men. Fun prints, bright colors, sexy designs, and even lace and ruffles are already being incorporated in men’s underwear. If you like diversity you can at least find some bright-colored boxers and briefs to cheer you and your partner up.

Ed Hardy Racing Skull Trunk

Fun Men’s Underwear

This tattoo-inspired trunk created by French designer, Christian Audigier is one of the various pieces from Ed Hardy collection.  Stylish, slim, and comfy!

Clever Underwear

Fun Men’s Underwear

Clever underwear is created to make a difference on the market of men’s underwear. Featuring mesh panels, bright colors, and decorated mesh clever underwear is quite sexy but, one the other hand, is stylish.

Gigo Underwear

Fun Men’s Underwear

Gigo make bright underwear including snakeskin prints and glossy fabrics into their designs. If you like color then Gigo is a perfect choice. You can find underwear of any color from Gigo as well as they like to play with patterns and incorporate more than one into their designs.


Fun Men’s Underwear

Beside leather and daring underwear Candyman also offer men’s sexy costumes. So if you like role playing you can become a Prisoner, Devil or Cowboy.

Fun Men’s Underwear


Fun Men’s Underwear

Manstore offers an extensive range of unconventional men’s underwear including this bright sparkly trunk.


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