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Vogue Italia Battles Against Anorexia with Plus-Size Models Cover

Category: Plus-size lingerie June 3rd, 2011
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Vogue Italia Battles Against Anorexia with Plus-Size Models Cover

Or one might say, they wish to battle pro-anorexia websites by recruiting plus-size models Candice Huffine, Tara Lynn, and Robyn Lawley to pose in some lingerie. Well, the feedback this Vogue Italia June 2011 cover is getting is all about the term ‘plus-size’, which we wrote about before.

While all three gorgeous models look sultry in their lingerie outfits the the observers say these women are rather curvy and ‘real’ than plus-size. Vogue Italia editor Franca Sozzani also petitions to close the websites that promote anorexia and other eating disorders:

Fashion has been always blamed as one of the culprits of anorexia, and our commitment is the proof that fashion is ready to get on the frontline and struggle against the disorder.

Sozzani also noted:

Why should these women slim down? Many of the women who have a few extra kilos are especially beautiful and also more feminine.

Vogue Italia editor has also promised that there will be more plus-size models in a magazine. What do you think? Is it enough to make a change in a fashion world? Are the models on the cover ‘plus-size’ or ‘normal’? Tell us what you think in the comments below.


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One Response to “Vogue Italia Battles Against Anorexia with Plus-Size Models Cover”
  1. Raven Says:

    I think the anti-pro-annorexia message would have been better executed by using fitness models rather than “plus sized” models. While I wouldn’t say these ladies are TOO unhealthy themselves I don’t think they’re the BEST role models for healthy living either.

    I DO think this photo is absolutly stuning.

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