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Pikante Underwear Collection 2011

Category: Mens underwear March 14th, 2011
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Pikante Underwear Collection 2011

Pikante Underwear 2011 men’s underwear collection is all military theme full of spicy styles and designs. Various camouflage also decorate the trunks, briefs and thongs. Cheeky designs will make your look great and add savor to your love life. In spite of the military theme in the collection it is full of other bright colors such as pinks, gold, black and white.

The unconventional designs for men’s underwear make Pikante Underwear stand out. From interesting detailing to cheeky cutout styles and strings instead of underwear Pikante has plenty of options to choose from. Whether you seek everyday underwear or cheeky variant for sultry nights Pinkante considers both ways.


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