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New Safety Shorts That Promise to Protect from Radiation

Category: Mens underwear August 12th, 2011
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New Safety Shorts That Promise to Protect from Radiation

If you worry about harmful effects from a mobile phone in your pocket or a laptop then we might have a solution for you. Though not we, but a group of Austrian students that has designed a pair of shorts that act as shield to protect fertility of those who carry mobile phones in their pants’ pockets and work on their laptops a lot. The creation is simply called Safety Shorts and is said to contain a silver thread that promises to protect from 99% of radiation from the mentioned devices.

One of the designer team members Rico Kogleck told about how the idea of Safety Shorts came while sitting at some class discussing radiation and it’s effects. Kogleck and his four friends have been working for about a year and now their Safety Shorts are on sale at $42.

Safety Shorts look more like boxers and their main target group is young men who often use mobile phones and laptops.

The people most likely to use laptops and phones heavily are young men and they are also the people most at risk. Rico added. This is a product people my age really need.

Safety Shorts showcased in the picture above look like ordinary white loose boxers on elastic waistband with a front fly. So if you like a none restraining comfort of boxer shorts and use lots of radiation emitting devices then these might be useful for protecting your health.



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