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Men tights come to normal

Category: Mens underwear September 28th, 2009
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As statistics shows more and more items men tend to adopt into their wardrobes from the women’s ones. We have recently written that some modern men like wearing the thong and it was surprising a bit. And now there is new data showing that men do love tights as well. So, what’s that? Fashion? Change in men’s psychology? Or something else?

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There must be other reasons why our men are keen to buy tights. Demand among male shoppers for pantyhose has obviously been soaring over the past five years. And if there is the demand there will always be the supply. So, Selfridges in London, for example, has responded with a range designed exclusively for guysized legs.

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The new tights for men, dubbed ‘mantyhose’, are made by lingerie brand Unconditional and are a tough 120 denier thickness. They are made in black, beige and charcoal and cost £70 ($115).

As men explain, mantyhose are mostly worn under suits to keep the legs warm and give the hips and thighs a nice smooth shape.

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David Walker-Smith, Selfridges’ director of menswear and beauty, commented:

This winter the city’s most stylish men will have a secret weapon hidden in their trousers.

The “mantyhose” are extremely versatile and we expect men to be wearing them not only as a way to give legs an extra boost of warmth on the chilliest nights, but as a true style statement.’

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Tights are not new to the male wardrobe. They were worn by the stronger half of the humanity for a while until they fell out of favour over the past 200 years.
Nowadays tight are preferred by those men who work outside in the freezing temperatures and as time shows more and more men of different occupations start wearing those too.

London-based hosiery designer Harisnya has set up a dedicated website on the topic, filled with style tips and discussion topics.

He said:

Male pantyhose can be worn for health, sports and fashion. So on the website we aim to show that pantyhose could be a regular clothing item for men,’ he said.

As a fashion expert I can say that men fashion does shifts to more feminine side. Male handbags are in plenty now and are called ‘manbags’, leggings for men known as ‘meggings’ and eyeliner for men described as ‘ guyliner’ all proving popular.

you are interested in men tights go to that contails all necessary information about the topic.


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