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Men in Thongs: Hot or Not?

Category: Mens underwear April 16th, 2012
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Many women imagine that very few men noware wearing thongs or g-strings, but we think you will be surprised to find out that online retails frequently report that they account for up to 50% of their sales! So, a stereotypical guy stripping off or revealing a glimpse of is thong on TV is not considered here – thongs are worn by thousands of men daily! If you are unsure about whether or not to believe this, then visit any retailer of mens underwear and check out- first- how many thongs they sell and second – how many top brand names have thong styles in their lines.

More and more men wear thongs daily – it leads to question – is a guy wearing thongs sexy or not?

Men who wear thongs defend their chocie saying that male thongs are incredibly comfortable, provide a clean line free look under tight fitting clothes, reduce the risk of testicular trauma, avoid uncomfortable and unintended wedgies common with traditional briefs, are much cooler during warm weather and thus may reduce bacterial or yeast infections in the groin area, mmaller to pack away when travelling, and easier to wash and quicker to dry.

Does anyones boyfriend / husband wear thongs regulary as underwear or would you like him to start wearing them? Or not?

P.S. Personally I think that guys look much sexier in boxers or in nothing.


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One Response to “Men in Thongs: Hot or Not?”
  1. TAMMY Says:

    I love it where my man wears a thong or G-string for me. To me its not gay at all unless you are wearing it for other guys. Men wearing G-Strings for their women or as normal underwear are not gay. He loves wearing G-Strings for me all the time. In return I wear sexy underwear for him all the time. He wears them about 4 days a week already. My goal for him soon is to get him to wear G-Strings all almost all the time except for sports and exercises.

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