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Manx Spanx – Shapewear Is Now Available For Men

Category: Mens underwear August 15th, 2011
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Manx Spanx - Shapewear Is Now Available For Men

Thanks to Asda Spanx trunks are now available for men. Called Bodysculpt Trunks or Manx these trunks help sculpt your body ridding of bulges and paunches and giving the same effect as women’s shapewear. Made from the mix of Lycra and nylon Manx have been approved by men according to Asda and promise to give you a better figure by slimming down stomach and giving a lift to bottom. High waist Manx trunks feature panels that help flatten the bulges and also provide air flow that promises to prevent odor.

Bodysculpt Trunks are available at £10 (or $16) at Asda supermarkets but they are already out of stock at Asda online store. Looks like men are going for shapewear and why not? Women have been enjoying the advantages of push up and shapewear effects since the corset. But is shapewear is really an answer?

I’ve always wondered about how do people feel walking out the door all sexy and perfect and afterward when all the “beauty”‘s gone  and all is left there a reality. I mean we could compare it with makeup (that comes off showing all skin’s imperfections) and all but seriously is shapewear really worth it?

On one hand, you get to look good in clothes. But do you feel good? I don’t believe shapewear to be the most comfortable wear or any comfortable at all. On the other hand, in the end of the day it all comes off, the makeup, padded pants, and shapewear and you are what you are. Isn’t it best to look great while feeling great? Common don’t make excuses now, get youself off the couch, put away that sandwich, turn the music loud and dance, jump, practice yoga or do push-ups. It concerns both men and women.


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