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Diesel Men’s Underwear Spring/Summer 2012

Category: Mens underwear February 25th, 2012
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diesel men's underwear S/S 2012

The new season in the underwear fashion comes with a great force. Here men should also look for the latest fashion trends. Also when choosing underwear from famous fashion brands each time we see more variety in the different collections. Different types range from briefs to boxers made from tighter fabric.

diesel men's underwear S/S 2012

The colors

Fluorescent colors, prints or pastels try to suite the tastes of the most demanding men. I am quite traditional when choosing this type of underwear and I have never liked using underwear brands such as those on the billboards with flashing big logos. But Diesel’s spring/summer 2012 collection offers something good for everyone…

diesel men's underwear S/S 2012

The models

Throughout a man’s life we have always been forced to choose: mother or father, beach or mountain and now we have to choose between boxers or briefs. We must have seen some extremities in both models but now we are faced with a much shorter medium type. The colors on these models move between gray, pink, and green combined with white. The truth is that these are the tones that I personally like. Also the patterns are classic and elegant and in addition they seem to be much more discreet than the rest of the clothing offered by Diesel.

diesel men's underwear S/S 2012

The campaign also brings us models in white with a print simulating cowboy patterns. It collection is not striking in colors and patters but it will certainly have its positive effect upon the audience. The collection shows that Diesel diesel is a brand that aligns perfectly with the men’s taste and the fashion of the day.


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