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Correction Underwear for Men

Category: Mens underwear July 29th, 2009
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Fortunately for us all, science and fashion don’t stay at the same place and develop pretty fast. We are used to see lots of correction lingerie on the market for ladies but there hasn’t been anything for the stronger half of the humanity.

Now everything has changed with the certain designers’ decision to create correction underwear for men to hide their wobbly bits.

Department store Selfridges is reported to start selling Britain’s first range of control pants for men.

The new briefs are created on the basis of ‘compression technology’ which provides men with the chance to improve posture, smooth and lift in all the right places, as well as offer great support ‘down under’.

equmen correction underwear

It is obvious that men have become more conscious about looking slim. Besides, skinny jeans for men are getting more and more fashionable. And I guess the idea of making pants to make a slimmer look for men was somewhere close.

Designers have realized the growing tendency of men to wear skinnier clothes and introduced control pants to their collections. Among those are Equmen and Calvin Klein.

calvin klein correction underwear

Thus, Equmen’s new precision briefs do streamline the male physique, provide men with a precision-fit pouch, controls body temperature and keeps moisture levels under control.

David Walker Smith, Selfridges’ Director of Menswear and Beauty said:

This season’s male legging has taken men’s fashion to a new level of skinniness.

We hope customers will be equally as excited to control the shape of their bums as they were their tums when we launched control vests for men earlier this year.’

Let me remind you that Equmen’s ‘control vests’ were launched earlier this year. The vests, similar to a ‘girdle for men’, work to reduce expanding waist lines and chests.

Beside Equmen, Calvin Klein offers a wide range of its own Body Boost briefs to help men look thinner. Both the collections are available on website

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