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4SKINS Underwear

Category: Mens underwear December 7th, 2010
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4SKINS Underwear

4SKINS Underwear was designed with the use of nanotechnology that eliminates odors. The technology is built into the fabric fibers so that it literally soaks the gases’ odors. The fabric is breathable though and underwear is available in various colors and two styles – brief and trunk.

4SKINS Underwear

4SKINS Underwear range is a creation of an Australian entrepreneur Gilbert Huynh:

We took to the design stage determined to create the most comfortable pair of undies on the market and figured nothing is more uncomfortable than the moment when you can’t contain your gas,

said Mr. Huyn.

4SKINS Underwear

Underwear-wonder costs approximately US $24 to $38.50 and with an order for over US$96 free shipping is provided.

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