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Why it’s NOT necessary to wear a bra

Category: Lingerie tips October 8th, 2009
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According to the survey, over 90% of North American women wear a bra, many without ever asking why. While some believe they do it for their breasts’ sake, other do it simply because of cultural reasons as going braless (or bra free) is often considered inappropriate or kind of breaking the social rules of dress code.

reasons to go brafree

However, while wearing a bra comes as naturally as wearing outerwear in cold weather, women’s breasts are not really made for bras, scientists say ( And they have some evidence to prove there are actually some health reasons for not wearing bras.

Constant wearing of an ill-fitting bra can cause something more than just discomfort and back and shoulder pains. If you always feel some discomfort and tightness from your bra, or notice little red marks on your skin after taking a bra off, there’s a certain problem and the least you can do to make things right is to buy a well-fitting bra and try to wear a bra as less as possible, especially do not wear a bra to bed.

dangerous bra

A study conducted by Sidney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaijer has proved that constant bra wearing leads to breast cancer. According to the scientists, women who wore a bra 24 hours a day had a 113-fold increase in breast cancer incidence compared to women who wore bra less than 12 hours daily. They suggest that bras exert enough pressure to the breast and surrounding areas to inhibit the flow of lymph, which then causes toxins and other waste material to remain in the breasts instead of being flushed out.

Besides, going bra free is not as dangerous as many women think. Some ladies, especially fuller-chested ones, believe that wearing a bra keeps their breasts from sagging. Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about gravity.

why women wear bras
Furthermore, there is some evidence that bras can even increase sagging. One possible reason for that is that the breast has ligaments, and since other bodily ligaments can atrophy when not in use, the same might happen to the breast ligaments under the constant artificial support from the bra, resulting in increased sagginess.

The same can be said about back and shoulder pains and tightness. It’s the bra to blame (ill-fitting bra, to be exact).

A study asked larger-busted women to wear strapless bras or no bras at all for two weeks to remove the weight of breasts from their shoulders. When the experiment was over, seventy-nine percent of patients decided to remove breast weight from the shoulder permanently as that’s how they could avoid the pain.

In other worlds, women have an alternative to wearing bras – we can go bra-free or choose other ways to support/hide breasts – by wearing camisoles, light sports and demi bras, silicon adhesive cups, etc.

However, if you wear a bra just to make your breasts look larger, then seems like there’s no possible surgery-free alternative available yet.



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16 Responses to “Why it’s NOT necessary to wear a bra”
  1. lukasgrew Says:

    while informative, this report should have received better proofreading. just saying…

  2. Vic Scaz Says:

    WHO is that in the last pic? My lord she’s phenominal

  3. Sarah Says:

    There’s also a good chance that all of these women are the product of extreme photoshopping. Of course they look phenomenal…

    Anyway, interesting article, perhaps I shall look into this…

  4. sashaysashay Says:

    EWWWW that girl in the last picture looks so fake…she looks like a computer animation! gross.

  5. Norya Says:

    Thank you for the great tip, it very instructive for me. I mean, her, awesome thoughts

  6. corsets Says:

    Its nice blog.your post very informative about w omens bra,good information for visitor..

  7. colostrum milk Says:

    Virtually any chance we all might get an explanation by simply even if?

  8. 105 mortgage Says:

    Attention-grabbing article. Were did you got all the data from… 🙂

  9. Omar Gunkel Says:

    yes but I really agree with the comments from the above poster

  10. Backlinks Says:

    Interesting thoughts here. I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us all. It’s people like you that make my day 🙂

  11. Cosmetic Surgery Costs Says:

    Cool guide. Thanks for sharing a very detailed steps

  12. Mac Says:

    Vic: “WHO is that in the last pic? My lord she’s phenominal”

    Sarah:”There’s also a good chance that all of these women are the product of extreme photoshopping. Of course they look phenomenal…”

    There really ARE women who look like them … in your dreams, Vic. Try REAL women for a while, instead of fantasizing caricatures.

  13. Alina Says:

    Considering there’re also studies that support wearing bras (ones THAT FIT, duh!) regularly, I’m gonna choose to not pick a side.

    I’m gonna go on wearing my bras because I get back pains if I don’t, since my breasts are a bit larger than average; yeah, you can get shoulder pain from bras when you have large breasts (or you aren’t wearing the right size!), but you’re really just choosing to have back pain instead. Which is waaay worse, IMO. I just take off my bra when I’m laying down, since I don’t have to worry about them needing support then, and because even a proper fitting bra can hurt if you’re laying at an awkward angle.

  14. Jeje Says:

    I think some days its ok with a bra, other days its better without or similar, tight shirt can be cool too. A womans back can hurt without noticing if they don’t wear a bra when doing heavy work or similar. Then later they are surprised to not have a healthy back. But of course it can also be in the way, a bra. I had times when I wouldnt wear one, even if somebody had payed me, I just didnt feel like it.

  15. Rfox Says:

    Yeah! I’m so happy to read that there may be a legit reason for me to not wear a bra. I do question the science in this article, however. It compared breast cancer incidence between women who wore a bra 24 hours/day and those that wore one less than 12 hours/day. How many women can be found who wear a bra 24 hours a day? Are those women unusual in other ways that may make them more prone to breast cancer?

  16. Kirsten Says:

    As a lingerie store clerk/professional bra fitter this article is disconcerting. It may be ok for smaller breasted women to go without bra but larger sizes need the support of a properly fitting bra. It has less to do with societal norms than comfort.

    It is common for a woman who is wearing an ill fitting bra to have the band riding up the her back, lots of spillage, straps digging in to her shoulders. Sound familiar?

    She may be wearing a 36DD but really should be in a 32G or H. The band should be snug and as low in the front as the back. There should be only one fingers width under the strap at the shoulder. Hiking up the straps to get lift does not work. And the cups should encase and support the breasts.

    As for bras being linked to cancer. Is there a history of cancer in the family? Is an ill fitting bra being worn more than 8 hours a day? What other factors are present? Diet, age, smoker or not etc.

    The article leaves out a lot of relevant information or chooses not to ask the questions.

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