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Why and How to Wear Stockings

Category: Lingerie tips February 16th, 2011
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Why and How to Wear Stockings

Stockings are sexy but they are also functional. A pair of quality stockings might serve long if you treat and wear them with care. Stockings look more flattering and sexy with lingerie rather than tights and socks. They add mystery to the look and yet are pretty revealing. If you haven’t figured out how to wear stockings right with your lingerie outfit or why wear them at all keep reading.

So why wear stockings? The right pair can make your legs look slimmer and longer. Dark, opaque, non-glossy stockings will make your legs look more toned. Light, shimmery or glossy stockings add volume to your legs, so if you want to make them appear plumper such stockings will do the trick. Be careful with fishnet stockings as those can considerably cheapen your look. Try replacing them with light fishnets like on the first photo above.

How to Wear Stockings Right

Stockings should be handled with care. Long nails and other sharp object as rings and bracelets can damage delicate nylon. So be careful when putting your stockings on.

Why and How to Wear Stockings

Wearing stockings with garter or suspender belt can not only add savor to your look but also help prevent your stockings from slipping. Choose stockings carefully to your lingerie outfit. If there is lace in your lingerie set avoid lace in your stockings otherwise your look will be overloaded with lace. Also avoid decorations in your stockings if your lingerie is richly decorated.

Try mismatching color of your lingerie and stockings. Opt for two contrasting colors that go well together like pink and white, red and nude, white and gray.

Stockings Care

The best and safest way to clean your stocking is hand wash them in cool water and let them air dry. Though you can also wash them in a lingerie bag in a washing machine in cool water on delicate cycle. Invest in good quality stockings and store them properly and they will serve you long and well.


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