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What Makes Perfect Sports Bra?

Category: Lingerie tips June 17th, 2011
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What Makes Perfect Sports Bra?

Sport is essential for our bodies. How else to keep a body lingerie-sexy? If you workout you absolutely need a sports bra that will prevent your breasts form hurting damage. But how to determine what sports bra is good and suits you? See our tips on what makes a perfect sports bra.

In order to make your workout go smoothly opt for comfortable sports bras that offer moisture control and high breathability. You should be able jump, run and swing arms without any restraints and discomfort. When trying on your sports bra make sure you are able to do all these things and feel comfy in a bra.

Wide straps provide good support in general but if you have larger cup size than C you may find encapsulating sports bras more comfortable and supportive. Some sports bras combine compression and encapsulation effects for ultimate support and comfort. A good sports bra should be able to prevent too much bounce and therefore damage, the term called shock absorber.

What Makes Perfect Sports Bra?

Sports bra should also be fitted as a regular bra. Don’t think that it is not important. Too much pressure on the bust can make your breasts hurt which probably means that your sports bra is too small. It’s important to get measured properly and choose a right-size sports bra for your sport and fitness activities.

So here is a resume of what makes a perfect sports bra:

  • comfortable,
  • good moisture control and breathability,
  • right-size, right fit,
  • shock absorber,
  • right effect: compression, encapsulation or both,

Large-breasted women might have trouble finding a sports bra of their size but there are companies that fill that niche of the market like Enell. Choose the right a perfect sports bra following our tips and you’ll find sport much more welcoming and easy!


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