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What Makes Great Nursing Bra?

Category: Lingerie tips June 18th, 2011
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What Makes Great Nursing Bra?

Pregnancy and childbirth is an important part of women’s life so if you just had a child and in need of a nursing bra there are plenty of brands and options to choose from. No more nude or white plain designs and unflattering forms. Nursing bra can be both functional and beautiful and can make you look gorgeous. So how to choose a right nursing bra and what makes it great?

First of all, do not rush into the maternity lingerie store when you first hear the happy news. As your body changes during pregnancy the clothes sizes also change. From underwear to outerwear you’ll need some wardrobe changes not only for the size sake but for comfort sake as well.

What Makes Great Nursing Bra?

As the name suggests nursing  bra is for nursing so it’s best to buy a nursing bra when you are a month or so away from giving birth.  Be sure to buy a pair of bras in order to swap them easily when needed and make sure they fit the following criteria:

  • the bra is flexible,
  • provides easy access to breasts,
  • wide straps,
  • 100% cotton or organic lining to allow maximum breathability,
  • the bra is not tight, there’s a little room in case the breasts enlarge with milk,
  • it has one-hand cup fastener so that you can easily access breast with one hand.

Get measured before buying a bra, it’s very important that the bra fits well, that it has additional support features like four hook and eye fastenings, broad back band, and non-slip straps. When you put your nursing bra on it should fit well on the tightest hook and it’s also a good idea to have a bra with adjustable straps.


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