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Vinyl and latex lingerie care

Category: Lingerie tips September 13th, 2010
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Vinyl and latex lingerie is a peculiar wear. But it can be pretty sexy as latex is usually associated with sex and dominatrix wear. Combined with some props and accessories and here the sexy costume is ready. Whether to fulfill your fantasies or feel a bit extreme vinyl and latex lingerie is what you need. Though to prolong the life of this special wear learn our tips on vinyl and latex lingerie care.

Vinyl (also known as PVC)

Vinyl and latex lingerie care

Precautions. Vinyl contains  polyvinyl chloride a toxic element that is considered as carcinogen so we’d advice you to be careful with vinyl garments.

Keep away from open flames as it melts. Be aware that printed designs can rub off with time.

Washing. Hand wash in warm water with liquid detergent as flaked one can stick to vinyl, rinse thouroughly both sides of the garment in cool water. Hang dry, when the inside dries out, flip over and let PVC side dry out too.

Polishing. If needed polish with silicone spray. Contrary to latex PVC doesn’t get degraded by silicone. For squeak-free wear use a light layer of silicon-based lube on the vinyl surface of your vinyl garment.


Vinyl and latex lingerie care

Precautions. Oils, greases and solvents destroy latex so keep away your latex garments away from oils, hand creams and leather goods as leather too contains oils. Sharp objects, jewelry or long fingernails can damage your latex garment.

Also avoid contact with copper, brass, or bronze as when the colored latex contacts these it stains brown. Do not touch your latex garment if you held copper pennies. Latex is flammable so be careful around candles, cigarettes and other open fire. Avoid long exposure to the sun, heat and humidity as they can discolor and destroy latex.

Polish. Spray special polish on the garment and gently rub with a soft cloth to achieve clear shine.

Washing. Wash in warm water with few drops of baby shampoo or antibacterial soap. Let it hang dr. Do NOT: iron, dry-clean, or throw your latex lingerie into washing machine or dryer.

Storage. It is always a good idea to dust your latex garments after washing with talcum powder or cornstarch to absord any moisture. Store in dark cool places in a plastic bag or a box.



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