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Ultimate Lingerie Tips: How to Feel Sexy

Category: Lingerie tips March 22nd, 2011
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Ultimate Lingerie Tips: How to Feel Sexy

Feeling sexy depends on so many things, from self-esteem to mood and all that. But it is also important to feel good about your body and image. So in order to start feeling fabulous in those skimpy outfits make sure you are doing it right. No lingerie outfit will make you feel good about yourself till you’ll love yourself and your body, it’s a rule of thumb. So if you lack a bit of self-confidence start working your way to find out what makes you feel confident. This is your ultimate lingerie tips, a how to feel sexy guide.

Many women these days are super conscious about their body. Some want to be slim, others would prefer killer curves and most of them look up to celebrities. But the first thing to remember is that celebrities are people too. And sometimes their traits you love most are driving them crazy. Sometimes when we look at the mirror we see all the “flaws” and use words like “awful”, “fat” and “terrible” but when others look at us we often hear “beautiful”, “curvy”, “slim”. So what does that teach us? Maybe we’re too hard on ourselves?

So when it comes to feeling sexy you might want to look inside before going for a shopping-spree or logging in your favorite internet store. Think about one thing that bothers you about your looks the most and try either to fix it or hide it. Cover up and feel fab about yourself. That’s what important.

Ultimate Lingerie Tips: How to Feel Sexy

Now to the most pleasant part. Lingerie! Some of the tips you might’ve heard thousand times as well as read here are the right size and a perfect fit. But, honestly, when was the last time you got measure and fitted? If you don’t want to or cannot do it yourself, be sure to use the opportunity next time you are in a lingerie shop. Many of those provide free bra fitting.

Beautiful bra and brief set will give you confidence as you will look gorgeous not only on the outside but underneath as well. Now, some lingerie tips to hide the “flaws”, narrow hips can be boosted with ruffled panties or skirted garters, draping and side-bows. Wide hips require modest and plain designs if you don’t want to accentuate them. Short torso can be elongated with long tops that end at your hip bones or lower. Long torso can be shortened by a crop top and high waist pants.

Ultimate Lingerie Tips: How to Feel Sexy

You know how to boost your rear and bust. From padded pants to ruffled briefs and from push up bras to chicken fillets any of these things can make you feel beautiful and sexy. Make sure the quality of your undies is good. It doesn’t have to be super expensive but why spend money on things that will wear out pretty fast and in the long run will cost you more?

Treat yourself to special occasion lingerie. Everyday lingerie can be pretty, cute and sexy but the main priority for us it’s to be comfy. With special occasion pieces it’s different. It can quite uncomfortable but it also makes us feel gorgeous and wanted. Lace, intricate details, high-quality fabrics and impeccable design, how not to give in?


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