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Types of panties

Category: Lingerie tips August 16th, 2010
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Types of panties

How to buy the right panties? Easy if you know what types of panties there are and choose the right ones from the abundance of forms, fabrics and colors. Female panties have many sexy forms and detailing. They are now not only an everyday necessity, but different types of panties can make you feel like a teenage girl or a vamp. Of course, in order to choose the right type of panties you’ll need some time to experiment with wearing different kinds of those, but in the end you will know the types of panties that make you feel beautiful and comfortable.

1. Briefs

Common style, but often referred to as “granny panties” or “tighty whities” implying the non-sexual and unattractive design. Briefs cover the whole bottom and sit high on the waist. However, modern briefs divide into several categories:

Bikini briefs are more revealing and sexy due to the low-cut and less fabric covering the butt.

High-cut or French cut briefs expose more of the hips and look especially sexy when made of lace.

Brazilian cut briefs are cut extra high on the hip emphasizing and flattering the butt.

Choose tight briefs to avoid fabric bunching up on the bottom.

Boyleg briefs also known as boyshorts are designed like men’s briefs with a stright waistband, fully covering the hips with an extra fabric in the inner thighs.

Control or contour briefs have more fabric above the waist and give control over tummy creating slimmer silhouette. Control briefs are usually made of a stretchable fabric, such as spandex but also can be adorned with lace panels for sexual appeal.

2. Bikinis are worn at the hips. The amount of fabric at the sides is smaller. In comparison with the briefs the bottom coverage in bikinis is less. String bikinis have the strings-sides instead of fabric-sides.

3. Hipsters are pretty much similar to the briefs but the waistbands sit around the hips, which the name implies.

4. Tangas fully cover the butt but the waistband is made as a narrow strip at the sides.

5. Thongs have the waistband similar to tangas but do not fully cover the butt. Thongs are a popular panty type as it shows it all. Check out other variations of this panty type:

– Cheeky have more fabric in them than all other thong variations. It is narrow at the bottom and goes between the buttocks. The sides have wider fabric which is connected with the front of the panties.

C String has no waistband and is made in form of “C” letter. It is perfect for eliminating panty lines under the dress and tan lines when sunbathing.

G String is scanty panties. This consists of an inverted triangle of fabric of different width and the side strings in-between buttocks string.

V String has a piece of fabric to cover the front and two strings at the back side that form V letter.

T-Back have strings at the back not covering any of the bottom.


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