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Tips to Sexy Lingerie Body

Category: Lingerie tips February 8th, 2011
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Tips to Sexy Lingerie Body

Lingerie is a revealing wear but as opposed to bikini, which we wear in summer lingerie is in our daily wardrobe. However, we prepare our bodies to look best in bikini. Why is that? What prevents us from looking lingerie/bikini gorgeous every day in summer, winter, spring and fall? Here are some tips that will aid you look gorgeous in your lacy knickers and bra every day.

Meal Plan

Tips to Sexy Lingerie Body

I didn’t call it a ‘diet plan’ not to scare you off and I hate diets. Those are restrictive and pointless cause the more hungry you feel there are more chances you will gorge on something really unhealthy just after few days on such diets. But our bodies need a meal plan. In order to look good we need to restrict ourselves just a bit. Ok, maybe a bit more but you know it’s worth it right?

First of all, don’t skip breakfast. In fact, don’t skip meals at all! Breakfast is a must, it’s like a fuel that starts your metabolism and keeps the engines running. Besides if you had a good breakfast in the morning you won’t be so hungry by lunch and won’t overeat during it. Do not, however, think that if you are not hungry by lunch you can skip it. No, no, no! Set a special schedule for your meals, it’s important.

Try not to eat after 6 -7 pm. If you go to bed early eat something light as yogurt 4 hours before going to bed even if you already had your dinner. It’s very important not to stay hungry.

Do not rush while you eat. Thus you will overeat because your stomach signals the brain it’s full only 20 minutes after the meal.


Tips to Sexy Lingerie Body

Movement is important. It can be fitness, dancing, any other kind of sports. Yeah, yeah, you don’t have money, you don’t have time to go to the gym or buy a DVD fitness program. Those are excuses. You want a sexy lingerie body? Turn on the radio, your iPod or something and dance, move, run, shake that body to shake off the excess weight.


Massage is to help your muscles recover and rest. After your muscles have recovered your body looks better. Change your workout routine regularly, to involve as many muscles into work as possible.

Skin Care

Don’t forget about skin care. If you are losing much weight you need to take care of your skin preventing or eliminating stretch marks. Coffee is a great natural scrub which helps eliminate cellulite. Just crush coffee beans to the size of brown sugar and scrub the problematic areas with it while in shower.

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