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Tips to buy lingerie for your beloved

Category: Lingerie shop, Lingerie tips May 29th, 2009
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While men don’t care much about their own underwear thinking that if it is clean that’s quite enough, girls pay particular attention to these small items of their wardrobe.

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There are many things ladies keep in mind when they choose lingerie set for themselves. And if you want to present one to your girlfriend you need to know at least a few things mentioned below:

1) style of underwear you’d like to purchase: classic, retro, super-sexy, etc. My advice to rummage through her

2) underwear drawer to see what she likes best;

3) her bra size, this is much more important than the size of panties;

4) her favorite colors;

5) type of cup bra: lace or smooth;

6) kind of panties she prefers.

Opt for something she is likely to wear. If you have time, visit specialized stores, in case you can’t, search through good websites selling lingerie.

adriana lima pink lingerie

Buy two co-ordinates (different style bottoms) so that she has a choice between the two. Ask the shop assistant to help you choose.

When you’ve selected the one ask to gift wrap your present as you will hardly do it well by yourself.

And the last thing, keep the receipt, as you may go wrong while shopping! Good luck with your presents!!!



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